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Six Key Differences Between Burning Tobacco and Heating Tobacco

Six Key Differences Between Burning Tobacco and Heating Tobacco

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A few years ago, the tobacco industry introduced Heat-Not-Burn tobaccos to reduce the risks of tobacco. Since then, "burning tobacco versus heating tobacco" has been an ongoing debate amongst consumers and manufacturers. However, the differences between burning tobacco and heating tobacco are still unknown facts for many smokers. 

Although heating tobaccos do not guarantee themselves to be risk-free alternatives to regular cigarettes, they do have their perks. If you’re interested to know more about this, here are six significant differences between burning tobacco and heating tobacco:

First difference: An unbeatable tobacco smoking technology 

Nicotine is a harmful chemical for the human body, and it’s a known fact for every individual who smokes. But many adults have realised they can't quit smoking despite its harmful effects. People have therefore been looking for alternatives to cigarettes and the usage of nicotine. This is where Heat-Not-Burn tobacco technology comes into play. 

The clear difference between Heat-Not-Burn tobacco products and Burning tobacco products lies in their names. A heating tobacco product uses a unique technology that does not allow cigarettes to burn. But it gives you the equal pleasure of smoking burning tobacco. 

ISMOD’s develops such devices for Heat-Not-Burn consumers. It has a range of devices that evenly heats the cigarettes without producing any smoke or fire. 

Second difference: No burning, hence no concerns for bad air quality 

ISMOD UK, heat not burn, heets, iqos, smoke free

The aerosols from burning tobacco do not only have a dangerous effect on your health but others around you too. Your family and friends are at equal risk if the air surrounding them has harmful chemicals. In addition to that, most second-hand smokers find it very uncomfortable being around smokers but feel hesitant to distant themselves.

Cigarette smoking involves a great deal of carbon dioxide, methane, and other chemical emissions. They may not be deadly for human beings, but they eventually lead to general air pollution. 

Heated tobaccos have an advantage over burning tobaccos in terms of improving air quality since they do not emit smoke. The Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) tobacco products run on a charged battery that makes the heating system function. The users usually insert a cigarette stick into a heating device and take puffs without burning it.

ISMOD's innovative heating devices work on the same technology and prevent cigarettes from releasing toxic chemicals into the air. 

Third difference: Time to say goodbye to lighters and matches

If you’re a smoker, you're probably tired of asking lighters and matches from strangers at parties, streets, and public areas. It's frustrating when you badly need to smoke but don't have any lighter to light it up. 

With the introduction of heated tobaccos, you don't have to worry about borrowing lighters from random people on the go. You can quickly charge your heating device at home for few hours and use it for the entire day. 

Due to its advanced technology, ISMOD's heating devices have a fast-charging feature and produce heat under 20 seconds. The device comes with USB portability, so you can charge your device using a charger and USB cable. 

Fourth difference: No more fire accidents or burns

Fires related to smoking and cigarettes are one of the top causes of human-made disasters. A full-lit cigarette can cause hazardous fire accidents if not discarded well. Improperly putting off the tobacco stick often leads to the ignition of mattresses, furniture, curtains, and paper/plastic materials at home. 

Not only that, but cigarettes also cause burns and leave marks on your things that you cannot get quickly rid of. That is why burning cigarettes pose a more significant threat in comparison to heated cigarettes. While regular cigarettes gradually burn above 600⁰C, heating tobacco products heat cigarettes only up to 350⁰C, preventing them from burning.

ISMOD's tobacco heating devices use revolutionary technology to heat the non-combusted tobacco sticks to 330⁰C only. 

Fifth difference: Leave no trace behind

ISMOD UK, heat not burn, hnb, heets, iqos, smoke free

One of the significant annoyances of smoking burning cigarettes is the ash that litters your living space. If you're at home and own an ash holder, you can easily collect the ashes and discard them. But it creates a lot of hassle when you're in public places, and there are no bins around. It is impolite to drop off your cigarette ash wherever you're smoking. Moreover, it ends up creating dust and dirt in public areas. 

Heat-Not-Burn tobacco is the best option of smoking to avoid such situations. You do not have to worry about discarding the ash or littering your own space at home. 

Using ISMOD’s heating devices, you can smoke up to 20 cigarettes per charge without littering your living space or surroundings. 

Sixth difference: A better future

World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that by 2025, there will be almost a billion smokers around the world. This means a higher number of smoking-related illnesses and increased amounts of toxic air. It also indicates a shorter life-span for a billion people. 

The numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, and tobacco manufacturers are doing their best to make better options. This is why there is a shift from burning tobaccos to heated tobaccos amongst consumers too. According to some studies, the use of such products lowers the level of chemicals. It also makes the smokers and second-hand smokers get lesser exposure to these poisonous substances.

Due to increased health awareness, the future of smoking needs rapid advancement using technology. This is only possible with the use of non-combustible tobacco and technology-driven products for smoking. 


The advantages of smoking heated tobacco overlap burning tobacco in many ways, as discussed above. Their differences help you decide the better option and give you a perfect idea of making safer choices. What's excellent about heated tobacco is that it stops a lot of harmful chemicals. This can confidently conclude us into saying that you should switch to the Heat-Not-Burn option if you're addicted to smoking.



Ismod  is a manufacturer of tobacco heating devices like vapes and e-cigarettes. The Ismod nano and Ismod Plus II launches are state-of-the-art devices that promote healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes.

The Ismod Nano is a small and compact device, weighing only 51 grams. It is ideal for those looking for convenience and discreteness. It also comes with adjustable temperature control and an easy eject button for removing the heat sticks.

Another great product is the Ismod Plus II which comes with a dual rod system. This feature lets you share your smoking experience and keep it as a backup rod when you need it. On a full charge, the Ismod Plus II has the capacity of 28 heat sticks so that you don’t have to keep changing the heat sticks.