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Heated Tobacco Vs. Vaping: Which is Right for You?

Heated Tobacco Vs. Vaping: Which is Right for You?


These days, people are looking for replacements to the conventional ways of smoking cigarettes. Fortunately, there exist various alternative options that include heated tobacco products and vaping.

Heated tobacco entails heating of tobacco, producing aerosols that contain nicotine. Vaping, on the other hand, is the process of heating e-liquid that usually contains nicotine. Once vaporised, it's consumed by the smokers. 

Without question, it is best to stop nicotine consumption completely to prevent any harm to your health.

That said, in this write-up, you will learn about the contrasting factors between heated tobacco devices and vaping.

Heated Tobacco Products



Let’s start with heated tobacco. Indeed, this method is also not 100% free of risks. Nevertheless, it is a better choice than cigarettes. These products heat tobacco leaves into nicotine which the smokers inhale.

ISMOD is one such heat not burn device which guarantees pleasure and a great smoking experience to all users. With that said, let’s look at what it has to offer.

Heating vs. Combustion

Heat-no-burn or heated tobacco products are electronic devices that heat tobacco inside of burning. ISMOD does not produce smoke, ashes, and less smell in comparison to cigarettes.

You do not have to worry about burning holes in your clothes, furniture, or anyone near you. As mentioned earlier, ISMOD makes use of HEETS (or similar) non-flammable tobacco sticks. This releases a vapour that contains nicotine.

The Taste

Heated tobacco products are a replacement for conventional smoking, making use of tobacco. Among many other heat-not-burn products, ISMOD is considered one of the best products. It is suitable for use with HEETS tobacco heat cartridges.

ISMOD is an innovative HNB device that makes use of authentic tobacco without any liquid. It delivers you with a taste similar to that of a cigarette as well as the same satisfaction.

We can say for sure that ISMOD is the closest and best substitute to smoking cigarettes.


Here is a fact – HEETS tobacco sticks are a lot cheaper in comparison to cigarettes. So, an avid smoker smoking more than ten cigarettes daily is better off using heated tobacco products.

If you opt to start using HEETS, you will be saving an average of more than 1000 pounds every year.

Does Not Affect Air Quality at Home

Using ISMOD, we can assure you that it does not cause any harmful impact on the air quality inside your home. The reason is that the vapour produced from the heated tobacco evaporates instantly compared to smokes from cigarettes.

Less Smell

HNB devices such as ISMOD do not leave much smell. Rest assured, its smell does not linger on your hands, clothes, or hair as compared to cigarettes.

ISMOD produces vapour that does not smell as pungent as smoke from cigarettes. This lets smokers using heated tobacco products enjoy a more subtle but pleasurable smoking experience.

A Better Replacement to Smoking Cigarette

The crucial factor that distinguishes ISMOD from a cigarette is that it heats the tobacco instead of burning it. This, of course, represents a better substitute for continued smoking.

When ISMOD heats tobacco rather than burns them, it produces less toxic substances in comparison to cigarettes. However, we would like to remind you again that ISMOD is not harm-free.




When it comes to vape, the method of combustion does not occur. Thus, there is a reduction in the number of harmful chemicals associated with the vapour released through cigarettes.

While that may be so, vaping does involve a little bit of risk. It might be less toxic as compared to smoking, but it is still not harm-free.

With that said, let’s look at how vaping is different from heated tobacco products.

Makes Use of E-liquids Rather than Tobacco

In contrast to heated tobacco devices and cigarettes, vaping uses e-liquid, called vape juice or e-juice. This e-liquid component consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavourings, and nicotine.

Furthermore, vaping products use e-liquids that do not have tobacco. This is why the smoking pattern, as well as the taste, differs from smoking.


Typically, the e-liquid for vaping is inexpensive and costs less than purchasing cigarettes. Therefore, vaping is, too, cost-effective.

Absence of Fire, Ash, and Smoke

Similar to heated tobacco, electronic vaping devices release vapour and not smoke. Also, they do not produce ashes either.

Less Risk as Compared to Continued Smoking

Vaping does not present many risks as compared to continued smoking. Therefore, it certainly is a better option than continuously smoking a cigarette.

Distinct Smell

In general, vapes do not release smoke. However, depending on which e-liquid you use, the vapour released may have a pungent smell. Nevertheless, the smell vanishes and does not linger as that of cigarettes.

ISMOD or Vape – Which is a Better Choice?

In comparison to smoking, heated tobacco and vaping are the best and healthier options for all smokers. However, the one thing that distinguishes the two apart is the element we use with the devices.

Heated tobacco is a replacement for smoking cigarettes, and it makes use of real tobacco. E-cigarettes such as vapes do not have tobacco and instead make use of e-liquids.

Wrapping It Up

Nowadays, more advanced ways of smoking a cigarette than the old lighting methods use a lighter or match. Replacement to conventional tobacco products is none other than the heat not burn (HNB) devices and vaping.

We hope you now know which method is suitable for you. In case you decide on using heated tobacco products, ISMOD is the ideal choice.

ISMOD offers a variety of high-quality devices and additional accessories with all the bells and whistles. Therefore, we highly recommend using one of their devices for a safer and easier smoking experience.