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How To Use ISMOD?

How To Use ISMOD?

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You can now order the II PLUS and the NANO online from anywhere in Europe. 

ISMOD produces two devices that are highly efficient and sophisticated. You can now order the II PLUS and the NANO online from anywhere in Europe. But being new you might not know how to use them. Luckily they are very straightforward to use. 

You can follow the simple instructions to use ISMOD products below. 


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First of all, let us see how to use ISMOD II PLUS. You will get a user guide when you buy the product. But you can certainly obtain some ideas in advance. It will make it easier for you to quickly set up the device when you finally get it.

Contents of the package

  • The package contains the device, which has a built-in lithium battery, two smoking holders, and a sizeable charging base. The box also contains cleaning sticks, a charging cable, and a cleaning tool and user guide. The smoking holders or tobacco rods have two parts, a protective top cover and a tobacco rod. 
  • Each tobacco rod has a charger port that you attach to the power bank for charging. You will also notice a hole on top for inserting the heat stick. On top of the lower portion, you will see the indicator and switch. The power bank has a switch button, battery indicator, smoking holder charger indicator, and USB port. 

Instructions for usage

  • You should first charge the power bank before charging the heating rod (it takes about 3 hours to charge fully). Once it’s charged, attach the tobacco holder to the charging bank using the magnetic function. If it’s already full, you can use the device. If it’s empty, charge it first (full charging time takes about 6 minutes). Never charge bank and tobacco holder at the same time.
  • After the charging process, take out the tobacco rod from the power bank.
  • Insert the heat stick in the device. 
  • Push on the button for 1.5 seconds so that it begins to preheat.
  • The device will vibrate in about 15 seconds to indicate that the preheating process is complete. 
  • You can begin smoking when the blue light becomes solid. When you hit 12 puffs, the blue light will flash and will produce a prompt vibration. The device will stop working after 14 puffs and give out a signal.
  • After the smoke, remove the heat stick together with the protective top cover.
  • Finally, you can remove the remaining heat stick and place the protective cover back on the tobacco rod.
  • Fit it properly so that no damage occurs. Also, heed the warning signal on the internal insulation of the tobacco holder while taking out the heat stick.
  • If you want to stop smoking, press and hold on the control switch for 1.4 seconds till the device stops working. 
  • You can connect the tobacco holder to the power bank for charging to be ready and full when you smoke the next time.

After using the device, it is important to clean. Here is how you can clean II PLUS:

  • Pull out the protective top cover of the tobacco rod.
  • Insert the cleaning tool according to instructions. 
  • Turn it few times to remove the dirt. It will stick to the cleaning tool, and finally, use the cleaning sticks to remove any remaining residue


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Now, we will see how to use ISMOD NANO. It also comes with a user guide so you can read the steps again when you get the device.

Contents of the package

  • The box contains ISMOD NANO, charging cable, cleaning sticks, user guide, and warranty card.
  • You will notice a hole for inserting a heat stick, charging port, dustproof cover, and a reset hole on the top of the device. On one side, you will see the switch button and the LED indication light. On the other side, you will see the left push button. Inside, there is the stick holder and the ceramic heating pin. 

Instructions for usage

  • Before use, here is how the LED indication light works. At 0%-10%, it will show red; at 10%-60%, it will show yellow, and from 60%-100%, it will show blue.
  • To use the device, press on the heating button to activate the LED light if and when the NANO is in switch-off mode.
  • Next, rotate the dustproof cover slowly.
  • Put the heating stick inside the chamber in an upright position with the filter on the outside.
  • Press and hold on the button for 1.5 seconds until you see the LED light turn blue. You will feel a vibration when that happens.
  • The tobacco rod will preheat for 15 seconds. You can start smoking when the LED light becomes solid blue and a second vibration takes place. 
  • The whole smoking period lasts for 4 minutes and 45 seconds. When you reach the last 30 seconds on the 13th puff, you will feel the 3rd vibration. It is an indication that the heating process is almost over. 

The device will run smoothly for a long time if you clean it after every use. It is a simple process which you can finish quickly.

  • Separate the top cover from the main body.
  • Take out the heater component from the main body.
  • Next, push the stick holder through the left button and pull it out. 
  • After taking out the stick holder and heater components, use the cleaning stick to remove dirt from the heating chamber. 
  • Clean the stick holder with the cleaning tool.

Now, you have a basic idea about using and cleaning ISMOD II PLUS and NANO. So, when you have the device in your possession, follow the proper steps and always keep the user guide at hand.