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Where Can I buy ISMOD in the UK and EU?

Where Can I buy ISMOD in the UK and EU?

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ISMOD devices heat rather than burn tobacco. These devices heat tobacco to produce vapour, which is unlike vaping. But it is a better alternative than regular cigarettes as it removes a lot of the harmful chemicals.

Products like the ISMOD Nano and Plus II are sold in nearly forty countries, including the UK and EU. If you’re wondering where you can get a hold of ISMOD devices, keep reading this article!

ISMOD in Germany


Market conditions in Germany are favourable for selling heated tobacco devices and products like ISMOD. Heat-Not-Burn products and smokeless tobacco are seeing a steady increase in sales. If you're in Germany and you want to get a hold of the ISMOD Nano or the PLUS II, here's what you can do.

You can purchase these devices online through or You just need to select the product you want to purchase and select the shipping options available. 

For buyers from Germany, you can select two delivery options- either UPS or RM Tracked. If you want quick and speedy service, the UPS options usually deliver within 2-3 days. RM Tracked takes at least 5-10 days to deliver, but they also offer free shipping for any order above forty Euros. If you are ordering from the store, your good will arrive within 2 days using German DPD.

What are the laws on Heat-Not-Burn products in Germany?

Regulations and policies of Heat-Not-Burn devices mainly relate to customs and taxes. The promotion of these products is regulated, though not banned entirely. These devices are a safer alternative to traditional tobacco, and hence there are not many restrictions. 

In terms of taxes and customs, all the products sold in Germany will be subject to VAT. Buyers will need to pay a VAT of 20 percent, which is included in your total amount at the time of checkout. Buyers in Germany may also need to pay duty charges at the time of delivery unless your goods will be shipped from our Europe mainland warehouse, whereby all taxes and duties will be includes in the list price.

If you're not over the age of 18, you cannot purchase these devices. At the time of checkout, you need to verify your age. Without the verification of age, companies cannot sell these products.

Where can I purchase ISMOD in the UK?

ISMOD UK, ISMOD EUROPE, heat not burn, heets

Slowly, many countries are adopting heat not burn devices like the ISMOD Nano and the Plus II instead of traditional cigarettes. With many counties banning menthol cigarettes and other tobacco-related products, if you're staying in the UK, count yourself fortunate. 

You can purchase the ISMOD Plus II and even the Nano directly by simply going to or and search for the device you want, and proceed to checkout. There will be multiple shipping options. You can choose the ones that suit your convenience. 

Customers in the UK will get three options- Standard, Next Day, and Express Delivery. The standard option will take 2-5 days, while the Express method will deliver your product in 1-2 days. The shipping charges are different for every mode of delivery. In the standard delivery method, orders above 30 pound qualify for free shipping. 

European Laws on Heat-Not-Burn Devices

Let's look into where the European Union stands on tobacco heating devices like ISMOD. Tobacco heating products like ISMOD are generally subject to various laws depending on the country. But these regulations are not the same as the ones extended to cigarettes. Even the rate of taxes is lower for heat-not-burn devices like ISMOD. 

In Italy, these devices enjoy many perks compared to traditional cigarettes. They do not face many fiscal regulations. They are subject to lesser taxes. Even in terms of packaging, they need to cover only 30 percent of the product with health warnings. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes need to cover 65 percent of their packing with health risk images and messages.

In the EU, the Heat-Not-Burn devices come under the category of smokeless tobacco. The EU does not treat devices like ISMOD the same as combustible tobacco or even e-cigarettes. This allows for more significant market opportunity. Most of the laws on tobacco products were drafted before the widespread prevalence of Heat-Not-Burn devices. Because of this, some of the policies are open to interpretation. 

Some of the key regulations are:

  • The EU requires tobacco industries to be transparent with their ingredients.
  • There are comprehensive tracing and tracking of tobacco-related products to prevent illegal trade.
  • The EU countries need notification when such products enter their market. 
  • Heat-Not-Burn devices require lesser taxes than traditional tobacco. 

ISMOD for international buyers

If you're staying outside the UK, just go to or and check for your country's checkout rates. If your country does not appear in the list by any chance, it means that you cannot purchase the ISMOD Nano or the Plus II from your country of residence. 

International orders will also be zeroed of Uk or EU VAT and these applicable duty taxes and VAT would be due to the local authorities in the country of delivery.


Tobacco alternatives are becoming wildly popular in Europe and the UK. They offer a safer and risk-free approach to smoking. Although most of the laws drafted on tobacco do not extend to these Heat-Not-Burn products, there are specific regulations regarding promotion and even taxes.

Whether you're in the UK or fall under the EU, you can avail the Nano and the Plus II directly from our website. Just choose the product and find a delivery option that works best for you! We deliver to all the countries where legislation does not prohibit smokeless tobacco.


Please ensure you check the ISMOD shipping policy for a more up to date version of shipping terms as the contents of this document may be out of date.