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Vape Wattage Calculation

Vape Wattage Calculation


In recent times, the heat-not-burn (HNB) and vaping devices have shifted the gears of the smoking industry. New technologies in vaping and HNB give you the experience of smoking in different ways. For example, the ISMOD NANO allows you to change the intensity of the heat. Likewise, other e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn and vaping devices also come with adjustable heat systems. 

So, how does changing the heat intensity of your vape affect your experience? What is the ideal wattage to vape? Can you calculate the wattage? If you’re curious to find out the answers to these questions, don’t worry, we’re here to tell you. 

Find out all that you need to know about Vape Wattage Calculation in the following sections!

What is vape wattage? 

If you just started vaping or you’re planning to switch to e-cigarettes, you must be wondering, ‘’what is vape wattage?’’. In the simplest sense, wattage is the temperature used by a heating or vape device to produce vapour. Adjusting the voltage or wattage of your vaping device gives you a chance to customise your smoking experience. This is the reason why wattage plays a vital role in your vaping experience. Regular vape pens with enhanced technology are called mod (modified) vape, which allows you to alter the voltage.  

Why do you have to change your vape wattage?

As mentioned earlier, changing the voltage of a vape mod gives you your desired experience of smoking. If you ask how? Well, it simply affects the vaping flavour, throat hit and the amount of vapour produced. Balancing the taste, vapour and throat sensation gives you an ideal and satisfying experience. However, not all vapes have this feature.

What is Vape Wattage Calculation?


This is nothing but calculating the temperature at which you want to vape. The vape device you use for vaping consists of a coil with electric resistance for heating up. Every device has a battery, a switch and a heating coil. If you are making your coil, you need to know how to calculate vape wattage. A low resistance coil has more electricity flowing in it which means more vapour and heat gets generated. It also means you may experience a higher intensity of flavour. 

When you use a higher resistance coil, the intensity may be low because the electricity flow decreases. The plus side is that your battery life will be longer, and you can use less e-liquid. 

You have to use Ohm’s law to calculate the vaping wattage of your device. This calculation shows the relationship between current, voltage and resistance.  

  • I = Current, which is measured in amperes (Amps)
  • V = Voltage, which is measured in volts
  • R = Resistance, which is measured in ohms

If you know any of the two values of the above variables, you can find out the third using Ohm’s law. 

  • I – V/R (Current =Voltage is Divided by Resistance)
  • V = I x R (Voltage = Current is Multiplied by Resistance)
  • R = V/I (Resistance = Voltage is Divided by Current)

Can we use a more straightforward way of calculation? 

A math expert can find the above calculation easy. But if you find this calculation complicated, there are many online vape wattage calculators you can use for calculating wattage. These days most devices come with automatic heat altering options with just a push of a button, so you don’t need to worry about the complicated calculations. These devices don’t require any manual modifications. 

What is the ideal wattage to vape?

To be honest, there is no perfect wattage to vape. Every person has his taste and preference when it comes to smoking. How you like smoking may entirely contradict how your friend wants his smoke. The only way you can find your ideal wattage to vape is through the trial-and-error method. Here are some options for you to find the correct wattage to fit your needs:

If you want a strong flavour

When the intensity of your heating device or vape increases or decreases, you may experience the different power of the flavours. Creamy and sweet-flavoured e-liquids are more likely to give a more substantial effect with higher wattage. Likewise, coffee, tobacco and chocolate flavours tend to get stronger when the device is hotter. On the other hand, menthol flavours work best when the wattage is lower. 

If you want less or more temperature

Some people like hot piping vapour rising from their vapes, whereas others like cooler vapour. If you’re someone who likes the warm temperature of your e-cigarettes, turn down the wattage of your device. Likewise, you can turn up the wattage if you like smoking thick, hot and dense vapour. 

If you want the throat hit to be lesser or more

If you’re a smoker who likes smoother throat hit, you should consider getting a low wattage vape device. If you have an adjustable HNB device, you can simply adjust it to the lowest intensity for a minor hit. For smokers who like a stronger throat hit, we recommend a high wattage coil. When the coil of a vape pen runs at high wattage, more heat gets produced. This creates more vapour giving you more amount of nicotine per drag. The excess nicotine gives you a more substantial hit. 

Before you turn up the heat of your vape device coil, please check the maximum wattage of your device. Going beyond the recommended wattage may result in burning the coil. Also, if you worry about your e-liquid and battery draining out fast, you may want to use your vape mod at low wattage. 


With the introduction of e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn devices, manufacturers have claimed these products to be less harmful. The debate of whether these products are better options than traditional cigarettes will go on. Until then, the best thing for any smoker is to discover newer technologies to enhance their smoking experience. Vaping technology is improving with each new product on the market. By now, you know that changing how much vaping wattage you use can alter the whole experience of smoking.  

About Ismod


ISMOD is a UK based company that manufactures tobacco heating devices, the Nano and II Plus. The Nano weighs only 51 grams adding to the convenience and discreteness. It also comes with adjustable temperature control and an easy eject button for removing the heat sticks.

ISMOD II Plus comes with a dual rod system that lets you share the smoking experience and keep it as a backup rod for when you need it. On a full charge, the II Plus has the capacity of 28 heat sticks, giving you an undisturbed experience.