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What is an e-liquid calculator?

What is an e-liquid calculator?


We know that a calculator device is to calculate measurements. An e-liquid calculator also works on the same principle as a standard calculator, except it calculates liquid substances for e-juice/e-liquid preparation. All of these terms may bring more confusion than clarity. 

Hence, the very reason for this article is to give you readers a better understanding of all these newbie terms. Through this article, we will address the following-

  • What are e-liquid and its uses?
  • What is an e-liquid calculator?
  • Components of measuring indexes in an e-liquid calculator.
  • How to use an e-liquid calculator?

What is e-liquid, and what are its uses?

Before you delve into understanding what an e-liquid calculator is, there are specific terminologies that you need to familiarise yourself with first. 


Vaping, in straightforward terms, is the inhalation of vapour. The vapour contains a concoction of e-liquids that creates an addictive aerosol for inhalation to mimic conventional cigarette smoking. The generation of this vapour takes place on heating an e-liquid using an e-cigarette or other vaporisers (vaping devices). 


The exposure of heat to the main constituent of the component, e-Liquid, generates the vapour for vaping. Please note that the terms e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice all technically mean the same thing. The e-liquid is a concoction mixture that acts as a fuel for vaping devices. 

The constituents of an e-liquid are water, vegetable glycerine(VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings, and nicotine is the main ingredients. There are also options for adding components of cannabis like CBD- cannabidiol and THC- tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Uses of an e-liquid

We use e-liquid in vaping devices. Typical examples of vaping devices are e-cigarettes and e-vaporizers. Although, all three types of devices are different in aesthetics and design function.  

These vaping devices have a reservoir or compartment to hold an e-liquid, a heating component, and a battery section for a power source. Once you switch on the device, the heating element heats up powered by the battery and heats the e-liquid. The e-liquid on heating starts to vaporise, resulting in vapours or aerosols, ideal for inhalation by the consumer.

What is an e-liquid calculator?

E-Liquid calculator is simply an easy-to-use application tool that helps you create your personalised e-liquid/vape juice according to your taste preferences. 

E-liquid calculator is more or less like a recipe developer for your vaping sessions. It allows you to manually operate and make entries for the concentration levels for your e-liquid. 

The accessibility to an e-liquid calculator is also effortless. 

E-liquid calculators are readily available as an app on the phone or websites, free of cost. You can make a profile and save multiple recipes you would want to try in the future. You can also save your personalised recipes for e-juice and add quick notes to your recipes.

You can share your recipes with other vaping consumers and access their recipes as well.

Components of measuring indexes in an e-liquid calculator

The measuring indexes in using an e-liquid calculator are


It refers to the amount of e-liquid you wish to prepare according to your usage.

PG/VG ratio

The most important index to measure is the PG/VG ratio. It is the content ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in your e-liquid recipe. The PG gives robust flavour strength, while the VG has a milder flavour and aids in producing more vapour.

Nicotine strength and base strength 

Nicotine serves as the main ingredient for any vaping sessions. The measurement of which is up to your choice. Usually, the default strength of most e-liquid calculators stands at 3mg, and the maximum limit is 18mg.

The base ratio of nicotine

In addition to the standard PG/VG ratio, nicotine has its own PG/VG ratio. The input of the nicotine base ratio will be dependent on the nicotine you use according to its strength. The percentage of which will be displayed on your nicotine container bottle.

The concentration of additional flavours

You can select from a range of different available flavours for your e-juice recipe. A flavour concentration of anywhere between 2% - 20% is the ideal concentration percentage for almost all mild flavours. 

However, a few flavours are naturally intense, as in menthol, blackjack, minty, and other icy flavours. The recommended flavour concentration percentage for these intense flavours falls in the range of 9%-12%.

How to use an e-liquid calculator
  1. The first and foremost step is to find an e-liquid calculator app on your phone or find a website for an e-liquid calculator. All e-liquid calculators are compatible with operating systems of phones and laptops - apple, mac, android, windows, etc.

Online e-liquid calculators are also easily accessible, where you can also purchase ingredients and get them shipped to wherever you stay.

  1. Once you have found the e-liquid application tool of your choice, the second step will be to make your account. 

If the recipe you want to try is entirely new to you, and you are unsure if you will like it, you can customise the measurement of its ingredients.

Click on the recipe and click the customise button, and add the concentration unit as you like. You can then save and download the recipe for future reference and use.

  1. If you want to make a new recipe, go to the “e-liquid calculator” button on the menu bar. You can give your recipe a name and start adding in the measurement values according to your likes.

The variation in taste and flavour depends on the measurement values of the nicotine, PG/VG ratio, the flavour you choose, and the final volume of your mix.

  1. Once you press the “calculate” button, the e-liquid calculator will generate a detailed measurement chart for you to prepare manually. 
  2. If you do not have the ingredients, you can add them to your cart for purchase. The manufacturers will then prepare your e-juice using the measurement you entered on the e-liquid calculator. They will now ship the product to you wherever you are.
  3. If you have the ingredients with you, then your e-juice will be ready in a few minutes. Take a syringe, extract the exact amount as shown by the e-liquid calculator, and eject it into your empty vape container.

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