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What is heated tobacco?

What is heated tobacco?

Have you ever heard of Heated Tobacco? Have you ever thought of a smoking alternative that satisfies your smoking cravings with reduced risks?

Say less! Let me introduce you to the Heated Tobacco!

What is Heated Tobacco?

The idea behind Heated Tobacco, also known by “Heat Not Burn Devices”, is that the tobacco is heated rather than burned on a lower temperature than the normal cigarette, which reduces the formation of harmful chemicals and substances.

With our modern innovation ISMOD, the tobacco is heated at about 182 degrees Celsius, producing vapor instead of smoke that you get from burning tobacco. In this way, fewer harmful chemicals are released without tar, ash and less smell in comparison to traditional cigarettes. Unlike e-cigarettes that uses e-liquid, ISMOD and all other Heat-Not-Burn devices use real tobacco, such as HEETS and many other heating sticks.


Is Heated Tobacco New?

Heated Tobacco Products (HTP) are not new. They were pioneered and developed in the 1980s by tobacco companies who believed that people should enjoy everything about smoking while reducing risks. They were also concerned about second-hand smoke exposure and therefore created a cigarette that provided the same satisfaction and experience of other cigarettes, but without many of the perceived negatives. This new innovation has succeeded in giving the users the best smoking experience while taking into consideration all the people around them.

Some tobacco companies failed to offer a smoking alternative, paving the way to a new batch of HTP in 2014, whose market started growing rapidly worldwide. “HTP” devices are taking over the market nowadays and are expected to take reign in the upcoming years.

Types of Heated Tobacco:

Over the past few years, a wide range of heated tobacco has been introduced to the market. Some include products that use tobacco sticks such as ISMOD, and others that use loose-leaf tobacco.

Our unique innovation ISMOD is designed to be compatible with HEETS and many other heat sticks to provide you with the best possible experience.

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