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Lighting A Cigarette Vs. ISMOD

Lighting A Cigarette Vs. ISMOD


All avid cigarette smokers constantly keep searching for the lighters in their pockets or somewhere deep inside their bags. Frequently, they even end up asking for one to total strangers.

Many go to the extreme trying to work out lighting cigarettes without using lighters.

Surprisingly, some even try to determine if lighting cigarettes using iron or a hair straightener is possible. People want to know if they can light one with toasters, kettles, or even inside microwaves. Yep, you heard right!

To that extent, you can already guess how frustrating it is to light a cigarette with no lighter.

Adding to that, the cigarette tip is burned when lighting the stick. This leads to smell, ashes, and smoke. On the contrary, ISMOD does not produce ashes, smoke, and only a slight smell.

The reason is that ISMOD has a collection of heat-not-burn devices for heating tobacco removing the need for lighters and their hazard, but more on that later.

Also, IMSOD devices are designed so you can customise them using different accessories. By mixing and matching, you can set the look the way you want.

You do not need lighters or matches since the device uses HEETS tobacco heat sticks (or similar). This does heat up the sticks to the optimal temperature using the heating pins inside the device. HEETS (or similar) are bought separately.

With that said, the tobacco that has been heated produces tobacco vapours. This is accompanied by a taste that is similar to that of real tobacco. While the taste may be the same, it will have no fire, ashes, or smoke, unlike lighting a cigarette. Also, as mentioned, a reduced smell will be evident in comparison.

Forget about lighters. You won't need a microwave, toaster, or hair straightener to light your cigarette anymore.

All you have to do is switch to ISMOD devices and enjoy a lighter-free experience.

With a lighter, you need to cover it with your hands to light your cigarette so that the wind does not blow the fire off. You sometimes burn your fingers while trying this.

However, using ISMOD gives you a better smoking experience. You can say goodbye to your stinking ashtray or the burn holes, thanks to the cigarette, in your favourite shirt.

What’s more, you do not have to ask strangers for a lighter or even use their lit cigarette tip to light your own.

Now the benefits of using ISMOD, here are some devices.


ISMOD and Its Products

ISMOD features two brilliant tobacco heating devices:

  • ISMOD Nano
  • ISMOD II Plus





You will find this device in five different colours, i.e., black, red, gold, green, and royal blue. It takes just 15 seconds to heat up and five straight minutes of pleasure. The tobacco sticks heat up to 330 degrees Celsius in just 15 seconds because of their advanced heating element.

Additionally, this device enables you to consume about 20 sticks of non-flammable tobacco with a single charge.

ISMOD Nano boasts a single button function, ensuring an easy as well as a fun experience. It also features a cartridge ejection mechanism. Because of this system, you can remove non-flammable tobacco sticks with ease.

Furthermore, the heater’s unique pin instead of a blade ensures easy cleaning of the device.

When it comes to charging, the device has an LED indicator that flickers in various colours. These colours indicate how much battery the device has.

If the light turns blue, it indicates that the battery is 100% to 60% charged, and for yellow, it is 60% to 10%. Similarly, it means 10% to 0% for red, which means the battery is relatively low, and you need to charge for more extended use.

Aside from that, this device guarantees fast charging, so before you know it, it is all charged.

ISMOD Nano comes with a mode for adjusting the temperature. All you need to do is press the button five consecutive times. Like battery charging indication, this mode also uses the LED colour to indicate the temperature.

If it is green, it means the temperature is low, white indicates medium, and purple is high.






ISMOD II Plus is a little different from the other two when it comes to design. This heating device features two holders for holding non-flammable tobacco sticks, which means twice the enjoyment.

Adding to that, the battery capacity of the holder is 160 mAh, and that of the charger is 2600 mAh which is quite large. This guarantees more extended use as well as more puffs.

A heater heats the tobacco and provides some nicotine with no burn, tar, ashes, or fire. More so, it contains only a few toxic chemicals. With just one charge, it enables you to consume around 20 to 24 tobacco sticks.

It takes just 15 seconds to heat up, ensuring a fast charging and over 4 minutes of pleasure.

Wrapping It Up

I am pretty confident that you now know why ISMOD is better than using a conventional lighter to light cigarettes because you can light the cigarette without a lighter. Check out this post on the differences between burning and heating tobacco.

Want to know more check out our devices, Nano and the Plus II.